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In and round the brewery

Start your visit from the beguinage in the Nonnenstraat and turn right at the Krankenstraat. Before, the gate from the Krankenstraat was the only entrance to the brewery. The street name refers to the old hospital ‘Ter Kranken’ where the beguines nursed the ill. Take a left turn at the Hoviusstraat with the beautiful convent from 1620. Here you will experience the authentic beguinage atmosphere. Along the Fonteinstraat and the Conventstraat you end up where you began your journey, in the Nonnenstraat. At number 4 you can catch a glimpse of an old courtyard. The ‘Jezuspoort’ is one of the most photographed curiosities of Mechelen. Before the church from 1629, you take the Moreelstraat, walk along the beguinage and end at the recently restored Cellebroedersklooster (Cellites cloisters). The statue above number 13 in the Twaalf Apostelenstraat indicates that in this convent 12 poor beguines stayed. The ‘klooster der Achtzaligheden’ (Cloisters of the Eight Beatitudes) is where 8 beguines stayed.
End your tour through the ‘Cellebroedersstraat’ and the ‘Krommestraat’. Today the beguinage is private property and proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO.