Pure Taste - Anker Cask


Pure Taste is an edition available exclusively in the Molenberg Distillery visitors’ centre. The spirit is aged in a single, specific wood type, resulting in a unique taste expression.

Pure Taste Anker Cask is the second taste expression produced under the PURE TASTE label. This single malt whisky was aged exclusively in Anker casks for 36 months. These casks are made entirely of American oak and are made by a barrel maker in accordance with our own specifications.

At De Molenberg Distillery, Gouden Carolus Single Malt whisky is finished in these 'Anker' casks, after a basic ageing in First Fill Bourbon casks.

Pure Taste Anker Cask is an exception to this, as it is aged exclusively in Anker casks throughout the entire process (36 months). This produces a unique whisky: smooth and full-bodied with warm hints of sweet honey, almond and apricot.