Powerful story, rich spirit

Did you know that whisky is made from beer? So it is not at all odd that our Belgian whisky wins so many prizes worldwide! Minor nuance: for whisky you don’t need hops, because hops are used to preserve beer, whereas single malt whisky is preserved automatically thanks to the higher alcohol content! But how do you make this unique, complex nectar from barley, water and yeast? And how do you make a world of difference with just three ingredients? Find out about the brewing and distilling process involving the authentic Scottish pot stills in the distillery and taste the effect of the various oak barrels on Gouden Carolus Single Malt and the other Molenberg whiskies.

Prices (incl. VAT)

  • up to 20 people: € 650 (basic price)
  • 21-30 people: + € 24 pp*
  • 31-40 people: + € 19 pp*
  • 41-50 people: + € 16 pp*

* Groups of more than 20 people pay a supplement for every additional person (basic price + price per person).

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Het Anker (brewery) and De Molenberg (distillery)

Terms and conditions of reservation and cancellation

An advance of 1/3 of the total price is charged upon reservation. Cancellations are only accepted if sent by e-mail. In the event of cancellation less than 30 days prior to the event, the advance is retained. In the event of cancellation between 21 and 8 days beforehand, 50% is charged. In the event of cancellation between 7 and 0 days beforehand, 100% is charged.