Under the spell of Japan

The days when Japanese sake or rice wine was drunk exclusively with sushi or sashimi are over. The first ‘sake bars’ have appeared in London and Paris, while more and more trendy restaurants are including sake on their wine menu. From dry to sweet and from light to rich tastes: sake varies enormously and pairs excellently with our Western cuisine. But how do you make such a world of difference with water, rice and yeast? And do you serve sake warm or cold? Find out all about this age-old tradition under the guidance of a connoisseur. Try three taste combinations of selected snacks with premium Japanese sake from Konishi, one of Japan’s oldest sake breweries, with a family history dating back to 1550.

Prices (incl. VAT)

  • up to 20 people: € 780 (basic price)
  • 21-30 people: + € 30 pp*
  • 31-40 people: + € 25 pp*
  • 41-50 people: + € 22 pp*

* Groups of more than 20 people pay a supplement for every additional person (basic price + price per person).

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