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The Maneblusser Commemorates

Brewery visit with guide

  • incl. two tastings
  • (1.30 h)

Het Anker is a family brewery that has been making beer in the Grand Beguinage in Mechelen for five generations. Over the years, Het Anker has developed into an internationally renowned brewery. The old recipes still form the basis of the brewing process and a variety of hops and herbs add flavour to the beer. Come along and find out how Het Anker, one of Belgium’s oldest breweries (1471), revives the authenticity of bygone days.

Distillery visit with guide

  • incl. one tasting and a gift
  • (1 h)

The Van Breedam miller’s family has been grinding and distilling grain to make jenever at the ‘Molenberg’ family farm in Blaasveld since the 17th century. Charles Leclef, the fifth generation brewery owner since 1991, grew up in the brewery but was also familiar with the former family distillery in Blaasveld. The two family traditions - distilling and brewing - were combined in a new project: the Molenberg Distillery, Belgium’s first whisky distillery with traditional Scottish pot stills. The mash from the Gouden Carolus Tripel beer serves as the basis for the Gouden Carolus Single Malt whisky.

Visit the Molenberg Distillery with a guide. Discover the rich history of the old miller’s farm and find out how we make award-winning Belgian whisky here today.

Visit to Dossin Barracks

  • (2 h)

Between 1942 and 1944, the Nazis used the Dossin barracks in Mechelen as an assembly camp for almost 26,000 Jews, Roma and Sinti. They were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau on 28 transports. Just five per cent of them survived. Today the barracks house the Memorial, a serene place of remembrance.

In the new museum building opposite the old barracks, you can watch and listen to the Belgian story of persecution and deportation. Stories about exclusion, discrimination and mass violence, but also about hope and resistance. Pause to think about violations of human rights, past and present.

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