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Would you like to enjoy a great beer at home or are you looking for the perfect beer gift? All our beers, original glassware, gift items, collector items and more are available in our shop.

You can even buy take-away Gouden Carolus stew and bitterballen

Because of the situation regarding COVID-19, it is possible to return your empties to the shop, but for safety reasons we can't pay in cash. You can use this amount in our shop, and pay by card.

Price list

Prices incl. VAT & excl. deposit

Gouden Carolus stew

650gr (ca. 2 portions) € 13,00
1k (ca. 3 portions) € 19,00
5kg (ca. 15 portions) € 90,00

Gouden Carolus vegan stew

1kg (ca. 3 portion) € 19,50

Gouden Carolus bitterballen

20 pieces € 22,00
50 pieces € 45,00

Gouden Carolus cheeseballs with brewers cheese

20 pieces € 22,00
50 pieces € 45,00

Gouden Carolus veganballs

20 pieces € 22,00