Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision


What do we stand for?

“Het Anker aims to be a company that everyone is proud of.”


What do we want to achieve?


A company as the sum of various projects

Het Anker is always open to the development of new support activities and does not shy away from the challenge of evolving constantly and positively in an ever-changing society.

‘Everyone’ means ‘everyone’

Het Anker’s management style aims to build quality relations with everyone concerned. This target group includes consumers, customers, staff, investors and suppliers.

‘Pride’ is a real, final value

Het Anker strives for meaningful results that everyone concerned - internally and externally - can feel proud of. Pride prompts us to meet new challenges head on.

Corporate strategy

How are we going to do this?


By establishing a stable and prominent market position in the segment of leading Belgian special beers and whiskies

Het Anker produces a wide range of quality beers, whiskies and derived drinks. Through targeted investments, Het Anker will strengthen its position in the niche markets in which it works.

By ensuring international growth

The Netherlands and France are seen as integral parts of our domestic market.

Local importers in other export countries are also offered the support they need to develop the potential to the full.
Just as on its domestic market, Het Anker wants to establish a position in these export countries with its main brand, ‘Gouden Carolus’, as an indisputable niche player in the segments of special beers, world whiskies and premium drinks brands.

By safeguarding and sharing our historic sites

The historic site in the Mechelen beguinage and the Molenberg site in Blaasveld are the very soul of Het Anker and are inextricably linked to this project. Our activities for the public, underpinned by deliberate choices and targeted investments, aim to ensure that these sites are lastingly open to the full for everyone concerned.

By further strengthening the ‘Gouden Carolus’ brand name and paying sufficient attention to reinforcing all the brands in the range

The strong ‘Gouden Carolus’ brand name remains the spearhead of expansion in our domestic market and abroad. The visibility and dynamic nature of the brand will be further enhanced. Het Anker also markets the Maneblusser, Boscoli and La Cambre brands worldwide.

By growing through new activities

Het Anker is open to diversity in its activities and projects. Support or new activities can be integrated in line with an evolving market and to strengthen the whole.

Standards and values

There’s no such thing as perfection. And yet this is
our ceaseless goal as regards the quality of our entrepreneurship.

Pride – Authenticity – Commitment

  • Constant attention to respectful interaction with our consumers, who are our proud ambassadors, keeping an eye on diversity and always aiming to build a close relationship of trust
  • The development of open, authentic, high-quality relationships with our customers
  • Trained, motivated staff who carry out their tasks with insight and commitment, constantly focusing on our values: customer orientation, openness, respect, diversity and cooperation.
  • Sincere dealings with our suppliers to strengthen lasting interaction with one another
  • As an innovating business, Het Anker remains true to its own vision, respecting tradition and open to innovation

Openness – Trust: ‘Securitas Ancora Consignatur’

This Latin motto, part of our logo since the third generation of the family, means ‘Security offered by the anchor’. This refers to our aim to deliver quality, without compromise, while respecting tradition and remaining open to innovation. An anchor offers a firm hold and security and thus became a symbol for hope and trust.

Charles Leclef

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